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CentOS 7.1 VPS Now Available

Just a quick update that CentOS 7.1 is now available for installation for all Linux VPS instances. It is now the default installation option for new Linux instances, and it can also be used to reinstall existing instances through the VPS Panel ( CentOS 7.1 is the latest stable release of CentOS, the community-supported version […]

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How to use rdesktop for RDP (Ubuntu/CentOS Linux)

Remote desktop protocol (RDP) is supported by a few Linux applications, the most popular being rdesktop. It is available for most Linux distributions and for that reason we will demonstrate its usage below. The Linux server show below is a CentOS server with GNOME desktop, but the same process should work with Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, Debian, […]

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Disable Apache Server Signature via .htaccess (Linux Server)

For a server running Apache web server in a production environment, it is advisable to disable Server Signatures. These signatures displayed on error pages, and in other communications with the web server, may reveal sensitive information about the software versions running on the web server. To disable server signatures via .htaccess, first locate (or create) the […]

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How to Install cPanel VPS Optimized via SSH (CentOS Linux)

cPanel VPS Optimized is a highly functional Linux server control panel. It is commonly used to host websites, provision reseller and web hosting accounts, and perform hosting-related maintenance.  It’s very easy to install cPanel on a VPS with SSH. You can accomplish it with a few steps: Log in to your Linux VPS via SSH as the root user […]

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CentOS 7.0 VPS Build Released

Just a quick update that we have updated our CentOS VPS build templates for the final 7.0 release. The new OS is available in the VPS Panel, and for new Linux VPS orders.

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CentOS 7.0 and 5 New Linux VPS Builds

Earlier this week CentOS, our favorite Linux distribution, released testing build of version 7.0. We have made CentOS 7.0 available for all of our Linux VPS instances. The new CentOS 7.0 Testing release is selectable from the Reinstall section of the VPS Panel, and can also be selected for setup of new instances (we don’t recommend choosing CentOS […]

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How to SSH Connect to Linux VPS with Windows, Mac, Linux

The primary way to connect to your Linux VPS is via command line, with the use of a SSH client. To connect to your VPS with SSH (command line), you will require one of the following programs: Putty, available for all versions of Windows: Putty Downloads (Hosted by SolVPS) WinSCP, available for all versions of Windows: WinSCP Downloads (Hosted by SolVPS), packaged […]

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