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FreeBSD is a free Unix-like operating system, originally descended from BSD. Though it cannot be called "Unix" for legal reasons, FreeBSD descended directly from BSD, which was historically also called "BSD Unix" or "Berkeley Unix." FreeBSD is widely used as a go-to alternative distribution that is trusted by many professionals, and its code base has become an integral part of other operating systems, such as Apple's OS X.

FreeBSD VPS hosting makes FreeBSD easy to deploy. Our FreeBSD VPS hosting performs exactly like a FreeBSD dedicated server, with dedicated network and disk devices.

freebsd Screenshot
freebsd Screenshot
freebsd Screenshot

1 GB Memory (DDR4 RAM)
20 GB Storage (SSD)
Unlimited Bandwidth
3 GB Memory (DDR4 RAM)
30 GB Storage (SSD)
Unlimited Bandwidth
4 GB Memory (DDR4 RAM)
40 GB Storage (SSD)
Unlimited Bandwidth
8 GB Memory (DDR4 RAM)
50 GB Storage (SSD)
Unlimited Bandwidth

10 GB Memory (DDR4 RAM)
80 GB Storage (SSD)
Unlimited Bandwidth
12 GB Memory (DDR4 RAM)
100 GB Storage (SSD)
Unlimited Bandwidth
16 GB Memory (DDR4 RAM)
120 GB Storage (SSD)
Unlimited Bandwidth
32 GB Memory (DDR4 RAM)
250 GB Storage (SSD)
Unlimited Bandwidth

USA and UK Datacenters
Unlimited Reinstall
1Gbps Network Link
Pure SSD Storage Performance
Easy Upgrades
Dedicated IPv4/v6 Addresses
DNS and RDNS Management
Secure Xen Virtualization
Rescue console
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