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Windows Icon Windows Server 2003 R2 Hosting

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Windows Server 2003 is a smaller, though older version of Windows, sometimes used for very lightweight and memory-constrained servers. Server 2003 is no longer supported with active updates from Microsoft, but it is sometimes required to run older applications.

Windows 2003 VPS Features

  • Enabled with RDP (remote desktop), accessible from any device with a VNC or RDP application.
  • Hosted in world-class datacenter facilities:  USA VPS  |  UK VPS
  • Equipped with SSD storage, hyper-threaded CPUs, and 1Gbps network interfaces delivering premium bandwidth.
  • Fully customizable to user needs with Administrator privileges.
  • Fully updated with latest-release Windows Server software.
  • Available with additional Microsoft software add-ons.

Windows Server Screenshot
Windows Server Screenshot
Windows Server Screenshot

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Windows Server Screenshot

Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise

End-of-life Windows Server OS suitable for legacy applications.

Deploy Now   5 Minute Setup

1. Choose a Windows VPS hosting package.  View Pricing ›
2. Choose server resources, location, and software.
3. Receive setup confirmation and service details.
4. Connect to Windows with Remote Desktop (RDP)

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