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OpenSUSE is developed by the community-supported OpenSUSE Project and sponsored by the SUSE enterprise, who also develop SUSE Enterprise Linux. Like most Linux distributions, openSUSE includes both a default graphical user interface (GUI) and a command line interface. During installation, users can choose from among KDE SC, GNOME, LXDE and Xfce GUIs. OpenSUSE VPS hosting supports thousands of software packages that are available to other Linux distributions, and is fully supported as an OpenSUSE VPS distribution.

OpenSUSE VPS Preview

opensuse Screenshot
opensuse Screenshot
opensuse Screenshot

1 CPU Core
1 GB Memory (DDR4 RAM)
20 GB Storage (SSD)
Unlimited Bandwidth
2 CPU Cores
3 GB Memory (DDR4 RAM)
30 GB Storage (SSD)
Unlimited Bandwidth
4 CPU Cores
4 GB Memory (DDR4 RAM)
40 GB Storage (SSD)
Unlimited Bandwidth
6 CPU Cores
8 GB Memory (DDR4 RAM)
50 GB Storage (SSD)
Unlimited Bandwidth

8 CPU Cores
10 GB Memory (DDR4 RAM)
80 GB Storage (SSD)
Unlimited Bandwidth
10 CPU Cores
12 GB Memory (DDR4 RAM)
100 GB Storage (SSD)
Unlimited Bandwidth
12 CPU Cores
16 GB Memory (DDR4 RAM)
120 GB Storage (SSD)
Unlimited Bandwidth
16 CPU Cores
32 GB Memory (DDR4 RAM)
250 GB Storage (SSD)
Unlimited Bandwidth

USA and UK Datacenters
Unlimited Reinstall
1Gbps Network Link
Pure SSD Storage Performance
Easy Upgrades
Dedicated IPv4/v6 Addresses
DNS and RDNS Management
Secure Xen Virtualization
Rescue console
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