Deploy Windows in under 5 minutes.

Our signature VPS hosting includes remote desktop (RDP), unlimited bandwidth, and all-SSD storage with every Windows VPS. Customize software and server resources to build the perfect high-performance solution.


Windows VPS Hosting


$13.40 /month

RDP RDS VDI RemoteApp Multimedia Desktop

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Windows Server 2016 Screenshot


The Windows RDP VPS supports any desktop-based hosted solution. Use available Microsoft software to host on-demand software for your users, including:

  • Microsoft Office and productivity tools
  • QuickBooks and business management tools
  • Your own applications

VPS Operating Systems

Included with all Windows VPS at no extra cost. Choose an Operating System below to provision on a VPS.

Windows Server Screenshot

Windows Server

Standard Windows Server installation with generic settings, ready to install server roles and features.

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Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows 7 Screenshot

Media Desktop

Optimized Windows desktop VPS with smooth video playback and audio recording.

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Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 7

Windows Server 2003 Screenshot

Legacy Server

32-bit classic OS for deployments that require compatibility with older Windows programs.

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Windows Server 2008 SP2
Windows Server 2003 R2

RDP (Remote Desktop)
Desktop UI
Administrator Privileges
Windows License
Simultaneous RDP Sessions 2 2 2
Additional RDP Sessions $6 per User $6 per User $6 per User
Windows Roles/Features Unlimited No No
Architecture 64-bit 64-bit 32-bit
Multimedia Features
Video & Audio Playback No
Video & Audio Recording No No
RemoteFX Acceleration No No
Web Browser Pre-installed Internet Explorer IE, Chrome, FireFox Internet Explorer
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Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2008 R2

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Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 7

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Windows Server 2008 SP2
Windows Server 2003 R2

▾  Plesk VPS

$24.95 /month


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Plesk Screenshot


The Windows Web Hosting VPS provides a dedicated, high-performance environment for hosting an unlimited number of websites.

Each server is deployed with MS SQL Server, ASP.NET, IIS and everything needed to start hosting web applications. Optional Plesk Panel provides a web-based control panel for managing all aspects of the server.

Available Software

SQL Server 2016
Plesk Panel

Windows VPS Operating Systems

Windows Server Screenshot

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows Server optimized for hosting Web services with IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, and ASP.NET.

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Windows Server 2008 R2 Screenshot

Windows Server 2008 R2

Classic OS for servers that require compatibility with older Windows programs.

Deploy Now  5 Minute Setup

Desktop UI
RDP (Remote Desktop)
Plesk Panel + Plesk Web UI
Administrator Privileges
Dedicated IP Address
Microsoft SQL Server
.NET 4.5 Framework
.NET 3.5 Framework
Windows Roles/Features Unlimited Unlimited
Console Access (Rescue KVM)
Fully Licensed
Architecture 64-bit 64-bit
24x7x365 Click for more info.

99.99% Click for more info.

30 Day Click for more info.

Choose the platform you need. Deploy in minutes.

Deploy Windows VPS instances with up to 128GB RAM and 32 CPU cores on our secure hosted platform. Windows virtual servers are the perfect solution for hosting applications, hosting websites, and hosting cloud desktop software for end-users.

We offer two versions of Windows VPS hosting:

RDP VPS Best for: Hosting desktop applications, and hosting desktop software for end-users (RDS).
Available OS: Windows Server 2016 / 2012 / 2008, Windows 10 / 8 / 7
Price from: $13.40 per month
Plesk VPS Best for: Host websites, databases (MSSQL and MySQL), email, and more.
Available OS: Windows Server 2016 / 2012 / 2008
Price from: $24.95 per month

Remote management is made easy with Remote Desktop (RDP), included ready-to-go on every Windows VPS.

How To Connect

Use the Remote Desktop Connection program included with most Windows PCs, or another supported connection method like TeamViewer, Chrome RDP, or our Web RDP portal.

Learn more:
  › How to connect with RDP

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Host with confidence on high performance servers.

Our Windows VPS hosting platform is designed to provide the power of dedicated hosting, without the high cost. Each secure, isolated Windows VPS is equipped with the latest high-performance Xeon CPUs, solid-state (SSD) storage, and server-grade memory, allocated on-demand to meet your specification.

  • 1Gbps (1000Mbit) Internet connectivity
  • Private/Reserved Memory and Storage
  • Read/Write Speed up to 1.2 GB/s (1200 MB/s)
  • IOPS up to 5,000 per Instance (IO/s)
  • Private/Dedicated Windows OS

Manage account services securely.

The self-service Secure Control Panel coordinates new VPS deployment, software licenses, service management, and technical support. We are standing by to help with Windows setup, software configuration, or anything that might come up.

  • Control VPS instances and organize services.
  • Upgrade and downgrade services as needed.
  • Configure domain names, DNS, and RDNS automatically.
  • Manage support requests, billing, and account settings.

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USA and UK Datacenters

Certified, secure data facilities in downtown New York City and the London metro area. Learn more ›

SSD Storage Performance

Solid-state (SSD) storage technology drastically improves I/O availability for all applications.

1Gbps Network Link

Connect to the Internet for downloads, streaming, and web browsing with ultra-fast 1000Mbps ethernet.

Automated DNS & RDNS

Easily setup DNS records and reverse DNS (PTR) with the DNS Manager integrated with our Secure Control Panel.

Administrator Privileges

Access Windows with full control over applications, user accounts, system settings, and the system registry.

Easy, Instant Upgrades

Expand RAM, storage space, and CPU power on-the-fly, as needed by your applications.

Unlimited Reinstall

Switch platforms or re-image to a clean installation, as often as you like.

Dedicated IPv4/v6 Addresses

Each VPS instance is assigned a dedicated IP address, reserved for your private use.


Use the web-based RDP viewer to connect to your Windows server, even when offline or booting up.

VPS Hosting  ›  Windows VPS  ›  FAQs

Does a VPS stay online 24/7? Is there maintenance downtime?
Our services remain online 24 hours a day, uninterrupted. We guarantee 99.99% or greater uptime of hosted services. Pre-scheduled maintenance downtime may be required on rare occasions, no more than once per year.

How does billing work?
Services are paid in advance for a minimum of 1 month (you can also choose a 6-month or 12-month term). Renewing the service after the 1st month is as simple as paying the next payment. We will notify you 15 days before the scheduled end date and provide a link to renew for another period.

Is there a contract? What if I want to cancel?
Service is contract-free and you may cancel at any time. There are no late charges, reactivation fees, or any other hidden fees. Service can be continued month-to-month, or pre-paid for longer period, at your discretion.

Can I use this service as an individual end-user?
Yes, absolutely! We serve individuals and businesses alike. You can deploy a single remote desktop, or a multi-desktop environment as your needs require.

Can services be upgraded or changed?
Upgrade and downgrade utilities are available in the Secure Control Panel. Upgrades are done automatically, and only require a reboot of the VPS instance.

Is there installation required?
No, all services are provided pre-installed, online and ready to use. To get started, simply choose a package above. Select your preferred operating system and server location at checkout. That's it! We will email a setup confirmation to you after the order is complete.

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Remote Desktop Services (RDS) $6 per User
Microsoft SQL Server   
       SQL Server 2016 Express Free
       SQL Server 2016 Web $12 per 2 Cores
       SQL Server 2016 Standard $20 per User
       SQL Server 2016 Enterprise $690 per 2 Cores
Microsoft Office   
       Office 2016 Standard (Includes Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) $15 per User
       Office 2016 Professional Plus (Includes Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, and Lync) $25 per User
       Office 2016 Multi-Language Pack $4
Microsoft Visual Studio   
       Visual Studio Team Foundation Server $20 per User
       Visual Studio Professional $53 per User
Plesk 12   
       Web Admin Edition (10 Domains) $5
       Web Host Edition (Unlimited Domains) $20
       Plesk Power Pack $15
       WordPress Control Suite $15
       Kaspersky Email Anti-Virus $10
       Extra Language Pack $5
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service Provider
       Dynamics CRM Service Provider Essentials $6 per User
       Dynamics CRM Service Provider Basic $13 per User
       Dynamics CRM Service Provider $35 per User
Microsoft Visio
       Visio 2016 Standard $10 per User
       Visio 2016 Professional $20 per User

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