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New Linux VPS Templates: Ubuntu 16, Debian 8, and more!

Today we are happy to announce the latest update to our roster of supported Linux distributions. We now support more than 45 distributions, including the latest new releases: Ubuntu 16.04 Debian 8 RHEL 7 CloudLinux 7 Fedora 22 The new Linux templates are available immediately, and can be selected either when deploying new instances, or when re-imaging an […]

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Dedicated Servers are Now Available in New York and London

We are pleased to announce, with much anticipation, the new availability of dedicated server hosting in our New York, USA and London, UK data centers. Dedicated servers provide the highest level of performance and security for hosted applications. When absolute security and predictability are required, which not even a VPS can provide, a dedicated server is the ideal […]

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New Windows Server 2012 R2 VPS Updates

We are happy to announce the latest updates to our Windows Server 2012 R2 VPS hosting service, including the latest updates and security fixes from Microsoft, and a number of other new enhancements. Features Windows Server 2012 R2 now runs on our cloud VPS platform faster than ever, with the new updates providing some key improvements: Lower […]

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Maximum VM Resources Increased to 64GB RAM, 1TB SSD Storage

Our VM platform now supports deployment of VMs with configurations as large as: 64 GB of RAM 1 TB of SSD Storage Space 16 CPU Cores It is our goal to deliver the best virtual infrastructure service possible, and we believe this is an excellent alternative to a dedicated server (bare metal). Resource sizes are readily […]

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VPS Hosting Now Available in downtown Los Angeles, California

We are excited to announce a new location for our hosting service: Los Angeles, California. With our choice of a third location, we hope to deliver improved connectivity to users in the western United States, Asia, and Pacific regions. The datacenter facility we have chosen is located directly in downtown Los Angeles at 800 S Hope Street, […]

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Updates to Windows and Linux VPS Pricing/Packages

This week we have rolled out some small adjustments to our lineup of pre-built Windows VPS and Linux VPS instances. The new pricing is nearly equivalent per-unit of RAM (memory), SSD Storage (disk), and CPU cores (processor), but we have adjusted our pre-built packages with the goal of offering more convenient packages. Windows VPS packages are […]

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The new Secure Client Panel is Live!

Today we completed an update to our Secure Client Panel. All Windows and Linux VPS users will now see a new and improved service management page. To access the new panel, log in to the Secure Client Panel and go to Services > Services Dashboard. After selecting one of your VPS instances, you will see the new […]

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Differences in Windows Server 2016 vs. Server 2008 R2

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced the release of Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 2. Microsoft has outlined some of the key new features in Windows Server 2016, which you can see below. — Windows Server 2016 Preview is now available as an operating system choice to install on existing VPS instances. To reinstall a virtual server with Windows Server 2016, choose ‘Reinstall’ […]

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The Biggest Ubuntu 15.04 Differences: Vivid Vervet Now Available

Ubuntu 15.04 is now available for installation with all new and existing Linux VPS instances. Read on to learn more about the most important changes in Ubuntu 15.04. —- To setup a new Ubuntu VPS instance with 15.04 Vivid Vervet: Deploy a new Linux VPS To reinstall a virtual server with Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet: Choose ‘Reinstall’ from the VPS Panel —- […]

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8 New OS Templates Available for Linux & Windows VPS

New operating systems are now available for installation on all VPS instances. You can deploy new instances with the updated OS templates, or reinstall existing VPS instances from the VPS panel ( We have updated all supported Linux distributions to the latest stable releases, including the newest versions of CentOS and Debian, in addition to new releases of our […]

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