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New Control Panel & Account Management

We are excited to announce a major new update to our website and account management portal. We have been working hard to upgrade and enhance the control panel, including account management, VPS and hosting account management, billing, DNS, domain and SSL certificate management, and more.We invite you to visit the new control panel, featuring many new enhancements to […]

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What are SSD storage and RAID10? Why are they important for hosting?

SSD (Solid-State Drive) Storage: File storage based on SSDs, rather than HDD (Hard Disk Drives). Solid-state storage is a newer technology that supersedes disk-based storage in performance, delivering read/write speeds often many times greater than disk-based storage speeds. RAID refers to a technology used to combine multiple SSDs or HDDs in a synchronized array. The result is […]

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Updates to Windows and Linux VPS Pricing/Packages

This week we have rolled out some small adjustments to our lineup of pre-built Windows VPS and Linux VPS instances. The new pricing is nearly equivalent per-unit of RAM (memory), SSD Storage (disk), and CPU cores (processor), but we have adjusted our pre-built packages with the goal of offering more convenient packages. Windows VPS packages are […]

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Domains, SSL Certificates, and Client Panel Updates

Greetings, This week we have completed several updates to our service and website. We are most excited to announce the availability of low-priced SSL Certificates from Comodo, GeoTrust, and Symantec/VeriSign, which can now be found in the store and under service Add-ons. Pricing information: Domain names starting at $9.95 for .com, .net, .org, and others. SSL Certificates starting at $9.95, with instant […]

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What kind of virtualization does SolVPS use?

SolVPS utilizes Xen virtualization for both Linux VPS and Windows VPS instances. We use a combination of Xen Paravirtualized and Xen Hardware-virtualized solutions, typically Paravirtualized (PV) for Linux VPS instances and Hardware-virtualized (HVM) for Windows VPS instances. It is our experience that Xen offers the best combination of performance, stability, and security for VM instance hosting, and […]

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Does SolVPS provide a refund guarantee?

Yes, we provide a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee with all purchases.For complete details, please visit:

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Additional Capacity Added for USA VPS Deployments in New York City

Today we are very excited to announce that our USA VPS hosting infrastructure has been expanded and improved in New York City. The upgrades were necessary after strong demand for the New York VPS location throughout June and into July. To meet demand of incoming orders, we have deployed several additional compute nodes, adding additional […]

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How soon are new VPS instances setup?

We’ve put a lot of work into our platform to make new VPS deployments as smooth an user-friendly as possible. In most cases, VPS instances are deployed within 1 minute, and become available within 2 to 3 minutes (Windows takes this long to complete initial setup; Linux usually boots up instantaneously).If your service is not deployed immediately, please […]

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SolVPS is Proud to be a Xen Project Ecosystem Partner

Today we are proud to announce our official status as a Xen Project Ecosystem Partner. As the underlying virtualization technology that powers our VM delivery platform at SolVPS, Xen is critical and actively-developed software.  We look forward to supporting and contributing to the project in future years. Check out our listing: SolVPS at Xen Project Ecosystem Directory

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