Differences in Windows Server 2016 vs. Server 2008 R2

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced the release of Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 2. Microsoft has outlined some of the key new features in Windows Server 2016, which you can see below.

Windows Server 2016 Preview is now available as an operating system choice to install on existing VPS instances.

To reinstall a virtual server with Windows Server 2016, choose ‘Reinstall’ from the VPS Panel.

This isn’t a full list of what’s new in Windows Server 2016, but it offers you a general idea of Microsoft’s focus on businesses. As you can see, Windows Server 2016 features a variety of improvements ranging from security to storage and management.

  • Compute and Virtualization: Simplified upgrades, new installment options, and increased resilience, helping you ensure the stability of the infrastructure without limiting agility.
  • Networking: Continued investment to make networking as flexible and cost-effective as possible while ensuring high performance.
  • Storage: Expanding capabilities in software-defined storage with an emphasis on resilience, reduced cost, and increased control.
  • Security and Assurance: Protecting against today’s threats with a “zero-trust” approach to security that is rooted in the hardware.
  • Management: Ongoing advances to simplify server management and increase consistency in approach.
  • New features for IIS, RDS, and AD.

Windows Server 2016 is the newest release of the Windows Server operating system, and will be the server counterpart to Windows 10. Server 2016 is currently not released publicly, nor fully tested and optimized on our virtual server hosting platform, but we encourage users to try it out. Windows Server 2016 Preview is now available as an operating system choice to install on existing VPS instances.


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