Installing Apachetop on a Linux Server or Linux VPS (CentOS)

Apachetop is a command line utility useful for monitoring a web server’s connections and other statistics in real time. Similar to top, apachetop reads the acces_log file in /var/log/httpd and displays the results in real time. 

How to Install Apachetop

We will install Apachetop on our CentOS system using the third-party EPEL repositories. If you are not already using EPEL, enable the repository by running the correct command for your CentOS version and 32/64-bit architecture: 

CentOS 5 / 32-bit

rpm -Uvh

CentOS 5 / 64-bit

rpm -Uvh

CentOS 6 / 32-bit

rpm -Uvh

CentOS 6 / 64-bit

rpm -Uvh

CentOS 7 / 64-bit

rpm -Uvh

Now that you have EPEL enabled, you can install apachetop automatically via yum. 

yum install -y apachetop

Hopefully, the installation succeeds without any errors. Now you can run apachetop simply by running the command apachetop at the command line. Enjoy! 

This article applies to…

  • CentOS 7 and earlier and corresponding RHEL releases
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