SolVPS Launches Linux VPS Hosting on Full SSD Platform

June 20th, 2014 (Los Angeles, California) – Virtualization hosting company SolVPS ( today announced the official launch of its Linux VPS hosting service. SolVPS will deploy Linux servers for customers in its USA and UK VPS datacenters, beginning immediately.

Following the earlier launch of Windows VPS hosting, SolVPS hopes to expand its SSD VPS offerings to the greatest number of users possible, including developers, webmasters, and others using Linux VPS hosting. The company’s VPS hosting platform is designed to accommodate small and large servers alike, and is touted as a high-performance, high-reliability solution for projects in all stages of production.

SolVPS will deploy the new Linux VPS hosting packages on the same hardware alongside its Windows VPS offerings, with a  new feature   distinguishing the VPS hosting platform: virtual servers are now available for deployment with SolVPS in under 1 minute, in both New York, USA, and London, UK. The company has made improvements to both Windows and Linux server operating system environments to help facilitate the fastest, and most convenient virtual server deployments. With geographically diverse locations available, SolVPS hopes the service will appeal to organizations and users around the world.

Though Linux VPS systems are deployed “in the cloud,” and provided to customers in an advertised number of minutes or less, virtual servers are based on enterprise server models including fully-redundant HP ProLiant® servers. SolVPS has chosen to work with renowned data center providers, as well as hardware manufacturers HP ( and Intel (, to provide the high-performance technology basis for its automated SSD VPS hosting platform.

For more information about Linux VPS hosting services offered by SolVPS, visit:

About SolVPS

SolVPS delivers Linux VPS and Windows virtual server hosting solutions to users around the world. SolVPS’s worldwide presence, encompassing server locations in the USA and Europe, affords end-users and businesses streamlined, high-performance SSD VPS hosting for services, applications, and private networks. SolVPS is an imprint of Gaiacom, L.C., a private IT firm based in the United States.

SolVPS Launches Linux VPS Hosting on Full SSD Platform
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SolVPS Launches Linux VPS Hosting on Full SSD Platform
SolVPS launches new Linux VPS hosting packages featuring SSD VPS storage and rapid deployment in the USA and UK.
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