Why choose SSD VPS hosting?

What is SSD VPS hosting? How is it different from other virtual server hosting?

Solid-state drives, or SSDs, are new storage devices based on 100% flash-based memory. They supersede disk-based HDD storage in speed, reliability, and other areas. Our virtual server hypervisors are connected to pure SSD storage arrays that power each virtual server. Arrays utilize RAID10 storage-mirroring technology to maintain data parity and throughput performance.


SSD VPS hosting has some key benefits over traditional VPS hosting:

  • Vastly improved speed for operations like database I/O, and other i/o-intensive tasks.
  • Extremely fast VM boot up, reboot, and reinstallation times. Our platform can spin up a Windows 2008 VPS or Windows 2012 VPS in about 12 seconds.
  • Overall improved system performance and greater availability of processing resources, as CPU is no longer taxed by operations waiting for access to slow physical storage

If you run any of the following, we highly recommend switching to a SSD VPS:

  • Optimized / Critical website or web portal
  • Website, app, or service with active database
  • Media streaming or compression, decompression, encoding-based tasks

These are just a few ideas. As the newest and best-performing technology available, solid-state storage can benefit any application, and we recommend it for all websites seeking the best available performance.

Check out our Linux SSD VPS and Windows SSD VPS hosting services for an idea of how to move your website or app to SSD virtual server hosting.

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