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Xen vs. OpenVZ Comparison: Performance, which is a better VPS?

Xen and OpenVZ are two popular, but different virtualization technologies. Each one is a back-end for VPS hosting, and many web hosts, as well as small businesses, are using OpenVZ or Xen to power VPS hosting infrastructure.  Below is a summary of the key differences that define these common hypervisors: Xen Xen is a full virtualization solution that […]

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Windows VPS Features: RDP & Cloud Optimizations

If you use Windows Server for web hosting, development, or as a remote desktop host, you should consider using virtualized Windows infrastructure. Our Windows VM hosting platform supports instant, on-demand deployment a variety of different Windows versions, including both server and home OS’s. We have designed our Windows VPS builds (see below for complete list) from the ground-up […]

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Why choose SSD VPS hosting?

What is SSD VPS hosting? How is it different from other virtual server hosting? Solid-state drives, or SSDs, are new storage devices based on 100% flash-based memory. They supersede disk-based HDD storage in speed, reliability, and other areas. Our virtual server hypervisors are connected to pure SSD storage arrays that power each virtual server. Arrays utilize RAID10 storage-mirroring technology to […]

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Can I order a Free VPS Trial?

Yes. Depending on availability, Free VPS Trials are available for both Linux VPS and Windows VPS services. Please contact us for more information!

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What kind of virtualization does SolVPS use?

SolVPS utilizes Xen virtualization for both Linux VPS and Windows VPS instances. We use a combination of Xen Paravirtualized and Xen Hardware-virtualized solutions, typically Paravirtualized (PV) for Linux VPS instances and Hardware-virtualized (HVM) for Windows VPS instances. It is our experience that Xen offers the best combination of performance, stability, and security for VM instance hosting, and […]

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Does SolVPS provide a refund guarantee?

Yes, we provide a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee with all purchases.For complete details, please visit:

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Does SolVPS store credit card information?

In order to assure maximum security of customer information, we have opted to outsource 100% of financial data storage and processing to our bank (JPMorgan Chase Bank). Credit card data entered into our website is passed directly to our bank via encrypted SSL encryption. Credit card information is not stored or held on our servers at any […]

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How does SolVPS protect the privacy of its customers?

SolVPS has specifically formulated its Privacy Policy, and related internal policies, to guarantee the protection of web hosting customers’ information. We are absolutely committed to the security of all customer accounts, and we will never disclose your personally identifying information or hosted data to an outside party. We will never use your personally identifying information, or hosted data, for any […]

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