Installing ioping to Benchmark HDD/SSD on CentOS 7

If you want to benchmark the storage speed or storage i/o latency on a CentOS VPS or server, ioping is an excellent tool to use. Follow the steps below to install ioping on CentOS 7 and run a test.

How to Install ioping

Create and navigate to the directory where ioping will be installed.

cd ~
mkdir ioping
cd ioping

Download the installation file using wget.


Extract the tarball file.

tar -xzvf v1.0.tar.gz

Enter the directory and compile ioping.

cd ioping-1.0
make ioping


Ioping has a list of built-in commands. Run ioping without any arguments to show the list.


To show sequential latency, enter the following command.

ioping -R /dev/sda

To determine the latency of the entire drive, run this command.

ioping -c 10 /



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