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Datacenter Overview

We opened our Los Angeles, California server hosting location to deliver the best possible connectivity to the Western USA and Asia/Pacific regions, including:

  • San Diego, Orange County, and Southern California metro areas;
  • Seattle, Salt Lake City, Denver, and Hawaii;
  • China, South Korea, and Japan;
  • Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific.
Many do not realize that Los Angeles is the largest telecoms center in the western United States, despite the famous Silicon Valley nearby in the San Francisco area. More global Internet traffic passes through the exchanges in Los Angeles than any other city in the USA aside from New York City.

In addition to telecommunications, Los Angeles is the largest commercial and financial center in the western United States, and the third largest city by GDP in the world (after Tokyo and New York City).

The Los Angeles datacenter is our third hosting location to open. It is one of our flagship locations for VPS hosting and remote desktop (RDP) hosting, dedicated server hosting, and web hosting.

Los Angeles Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting
Windows VPS Hosting
Linux VPS Hosting

Redundant connectivity via:

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