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Windows Server 2016 VPS Features: Hardware & Network

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 5.04.52 PM

Deploy Windows in minutes. Windows virtual servers are the perfect solution for hosting applications, websites, and hosting cloud desktop software for end-users. Deploy Windows VPS instances with up to 128GB RAM and 32 CPU cores on our secure hosted platform. These are just a few of the features of our new Windows Server 2016 VPS and dedicated servers: Windows Features […]

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Installing Apachetop on a Linux Server or Linux VPS (CentOS)


Apachetop is a command line utility useful for monitoring a web server’s connections and other statistics in real time. Similar to top, apachetop reads the acces_log file in /var/log/httpd and displays the results in real time.  How to Install Apachetop We will install Apachetop on our CentOS system using the third-party EPEL repositories. If you are not already […]

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How to Change the PHP Handler on a Linux Server or VPS with cPanel

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This article covers how to change the PHP handler on a Linux VPS or dedicated server running cPanel/WHM. The instructions below require root-level access to the WHM admin panel. The PHP handler is the software that Apache uses to implement PHP. The different choices can have effects on the performance, and security, of your server. For […]

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Installing Memcache on cPanel server or VPS to Improve Page Speeds


Memcache is one of several different caching methods available for Apache/PHP web servers. It is designed to speed up websites and web apps, especially those utilizing databases, by caching frequently-accessed data and objects in RAM for quicker access. Installing Memcache on a cPanel server or cPanel VPS is a simple, and effective way to begin optimizing […]

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Xen vs. OpenVZ Comparison: Performance, which is a better VPS?


Xen and OpenVZ are two popular, but different virtualization technologies. Each one is a back-end for VPS hosting, and many web hosts, as well as small businesses, are using OpenVZ or Xen to power VPS hosting infrastructure.  Below is a summary of the key differences that define these common hypervisors: Xen Xen is a full virtualization solution that […]

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