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Installing Softaculous: Ioncube Loader is not loaded (cPanel VPS)


When installing Softaculous on a cPanel VPS, you may run into this error: ———————————————–  Welcome to Softaculous Apps Installer ———————————————– ionCube Loader is not loaded. Please enable it to continue  To resolve this, log in to WHM and follow the steps below. How to Install Softaculous with IonCube Loader and cPanel/WHM Go to WHM > […]

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Symantec EV SSL G3 Root Certificate & CA Bundle


Here is a quick item of clarification that we ran across. If you are looking for the Symantec EV SSL G3 Certificate, the currently up-to-date certificate and intermediate CA bundle for root level Symantec (Verisign) G3 EV SSL sites, such as Microsoft Outlook and Skype, can be found on this page: Add the Intermediate CA […]

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How to Connect to a VPS on Windows 10 (Windows/Linux VPS)


Wondering how to connect to a Windows VPS or Linux VPS on your Windows 10 PC? Follow the simple guide below to get started. How to Connect to a Windows VPS Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) Navigate to the Start menu and search for “remote desktop.” You should find it on your PC. Enter the […]

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OpenSSL Client for Windows: Win32 OpenSSL Debugging Tool


We came across this great little tool, and wanted to share in case anyone can use the info. Shining Light OpenSSL client for Windows is a command line OpenSSL utility, implementing the full OpenSSL software for testing and debugging SSL connection issues on Windows systems. Download the OpenSSL client, free, here: After running the installer, […]

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How to Flush DNS Cache on Windows Server / Windows 10


It’s simple to flush the DNS cache on Windows or Windows Server. This will reset the server’s cached DNS lookups, so domain name lookups will be re-tried the next time they are made. How to Reset the DNS Cache in Windows 1. Open Command Prompt. 2. Run the command: ipconfig /flushdns That’s it. The DNS cache […]

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How to Install Cloud Backup on a Linux VPS or Server

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 10.58.11 PM

Use the steps below to install the Cloud Backup agent on a Linux VPS or dedicated server. Follow the directions for CentOS/RHEL, or Debian/Ubuntu, depending on your operating system, then proceed to the Final Steps section below. CentOS / Enterprise Linux Servers Switch to root user: su root Download the script, give it executable permissions, […]

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Restore Files from a Cloud Backup Checkpoint

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 6.38.48 PM

This process can be used to restore individual files or folders to a system that is protected by Cloud Backup. How to Restore Files Log in to the Backup Manager. (See: How to Log in to the Backup Manager) Click Recovery Points in the navigation menu. Select your server in the Server drop down menu. Find the recovery point (backup) you would […]

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Web Hosting: Auto-install an Application or Framework on Your Account

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 7.12.58 PM

In this guide we will use the Applications Panel feature to automatically install an application to our web hosting account. This feature allows you to install applications like WordPress, Magento, or frameworks like Laravel and Symfony2, directly from the SolVPS Control Panel. Log in to the Control Panel Click Services > Dashboard in the SolVPS menu (if not logged […]

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Web Hosting: Quick Setup Guide


Sign Up and Choose a Domain Select a web hosting plan from: Log in to Control Panel You will receive an email confirmation called New Account Information containing FTP server info, and other info you might need to get started. You can also proceed directly to the SolVPS Control Panel, where you can manage your web […]

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SMTP Relay (Smart Host) Now Available for SolVPS Clients


We provide a central SMTP server, also called a mail Smart Host, to relay e-mail outoing from our network. If your software supports configuration of a SMTP host, you may send mail through our relay. The main benefits of using an enterprise relay are security and guaranteed delivery of your e-mail messages.  For more information about connecting your server […]

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